Only 453.56 grams of saffron can cost 5000$. This plant can easily be an expensive spice. What’s the next expensive spice? Vanila, that has a price of around 600$. So, what has made Saffron expensive?

Saffron is a spice that’s diffcult to collect. Saffron is a product of its flower. And each flower has 3–so called–stigmas, that are Saffron. The production of Saffron is really low. For collecting 1814.24 grams of Safron in each hectare, you need to hire a high number of workers.


Finally, for having 453.56 grams of Saffron you need to collect 170,000 flowers. The purple flowers only bloom for a short time-period of 6 weeks, between November to December. There a fixed season for collecting Saffron as well.



When we have a relatively higher humidity of the weather, it can influence the quality of Saffron. Also, sunshine can break the chemical structure of Saffron. Therefore, we prefer to collect it on daily basis.

90% of the world’s Saffron, are agricultured in arid grounds of Iran; an agriculture that collecting that amount of Saffron, takes place by such cost and effort.

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