Benefits Of Iranian Saffron Spice

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Among the most impressive health benefits of saffron, are improving respiratory health, optimising the digestive system, eliminating pain, improving sleep patterns, to stop the bleeding*, boosting* heart’s health, increasing* blood/energy? circulation, preventing diabetes, strengthening bones, and improving the immune system function. Boosts Immunity System Although people often think of spices as nothing more than but food flavoring […]


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50 MILION YEARS OF DATES FRUITS HISTORY Considered the oldest cultivated fruit in the world, fossil evidence indicates that dates go back at least 50 million years ago.Archaeological evidences show that the planting of Palm in Iran near the former Shoosh at the civilization of IIami was prevalent about 6000 years.At Sassanidera time palm was [...]

The Cost of Saffron

Only 453.56 grams of saffron can cost 5000$. This plant can easily be an expensive spice. What’s the next expensive spice? Vanila, that has a price of around 600$. So, what has made Saffron expensive? Saffron is a spice that’s diffcult to collect. Saffron is a product of its flower. And each flower has 3–so […]

Iran and Saffron

  Saffron and Iran are uniquely linked together. Iran harvests about 80% of the world’s production of saffron. Despite its small size, this spice is quite expensive, and is suitable for many applications. Persian saffron is a natural spice also called Red Gold. It is globally known for its incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, […]

Sargol Saffron (All Red Saffron)

Saffron Spice

Sargol Saffron Spice; This kind of saffron is pure and contains the stigma without the style. The Threads or stigma of the flower is the actual source of saffron. 105-115 kg of saffron flowers produce 1kg of sargol saffron. Persian Sargol saffron in Iran exceeding ISO 3632 Grade 1 standard and with a very high […]

What makes a good saffron !?

1- Bitter taste Pick up a few strings of saffron first, you should sense some bitter taste right after a second of chewing it.. 2- Slow color Spreads  An organic saffron never Spreads color in a flash (specially red color)                                    […]

Pushal Saffron

Pushal saffron contains the stigma with an approximate 3-5 mm style. This kind of saffron has lower color strength respect to Sargol saffron. It is produced at the early stages of harvesting season. This saffron grade is not cut like sargol and therefore contains more yellow parts from the style of the plant and higher […]

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